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Work Relic - Rake, 1st C

This image shows teeth from a rake, the wood having rotted away over time. They form part of the Museum of Londonís Roman collection , which contains over 47,000 Roman objects from the London area, mostly the City and Southwark.

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Leisure Relic - Acrobat's bikini, 1st C

These bikini bottoms probably belonged to a young acrobatic dancer. Not only are they rather skimpy but the young woman in question would have performed topless! They are beautifully preserved because they are made of leather which keeps well when water logged. They were found in a well in Queen Street in the City.

This bikini is on display at the Museum of London, along with lots of other objects that demonstrate the ways in which the Romans enjoyed themselves.

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Building Relic - Carpenter's tools, 1st C

These tools would have belonged to a carpenter. The wooden handles have not survived but an awl, chisel, axe head and saw are clearly recognisable, and are remarkably similar to tools used today. These items, with their wooden handles restored, can be seen in a reconstructed carpenter's shop in the Museum of London.

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Roman rake prongs
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